Chairman Message

Presidential Addressing

Shri Umesh Rai, Chairman

I warmly welcome the presence of all respected members chairman-cum-Delegates, Board Members, management of COMFED Director / Representative, National Dairy Development Board Representatives, all employees of the association, office bearers and dignitaries at the 10th General Meeting of Mithila Milk Producers Cooperative Association Ltd.


Its great pleasure to present to you that in order to meet constitutional obligations, progress report of record and various activities for the year 2013-14. Union commendable progress in the year 2013-14 is due to all of yours active participation and positive thinking. Today Union quality dairy business is already established its credentials on the map of the state and country. Thanks to millions of milk producers from thousands of union committees, committees, secretaries, artificial insemination, workers and union are officers / employees.

Shri Umesh Rai


Our foundation, our present, our future is because of all reputable rural milk producers, urban and rural consumers joined with us. We aim to provide millions of milk producers ensure market at their home to improve their quality of life and at the right price quality dairy and dairy product substances to the consumers on every 365 days of the year, which we have met over the years. Union has made every effort to meet the collective insinuation, mass vaccination campaign, cattle camp, silage production and more aimed running programs to decrease milk production costs in the past year. Due to these plans milk production has risen and Union greater milk storage marching on day to day progress path to accomplish our goals. Under the Scheme of NDDB and NDP- driven by Central Government amount of 1 64,689,000. 00 (and six million 4.6 million eighty nine thousand) has being sanctioned for implementation of the three plans at our union will be a milestone in reducing the budget costs of cattlemen for milk production. Till march of 2014-15, total 2170 committees was organized which conjure 1545 revenue villages in union working area. Due to which almost connected one hundred fifty thousand milk producers and family. Last year the daily average of 3.55 million liters of milk collection and 1.48 lakh liters went for marketing. Maximum storage date was on 07/03/2015, with 5.42 lakh liters and maximum marketing date was on 28/10/2014 with 3.48 lakh liters, which is yet Association record. Due to availability of mere 2 million 50 thousand liters storage capacity dairy plant, due to which suspension of milk collection and persists likely to affect the quality of Milk to get rid, Union had founded 58 bulk cooler in its area, which is working at full capacity.

Through these bulk cooler 2.55 lakh liters milk per day being collected and cooled. In the year 2014-15, for re-arrangement of milk committees- establishment of 630 EMT and 235 AMCU committees to run smoothly and aimed at making transparency, which has also increased the confidence of farmers. In the next two upcoming years, it is planned for all committees having everyday 200 liters milk collection to be furnished with EMT /AMCU / Analyzer. Well enable committees whose collection is 1800-2000 LPD, willing to established BMC at their own committee as like [Gujarat(on Gujrat Model)], Union will help them in purchasing BMC to interested committee and every proper cooperation in getting BMC established at their own committee, on their own resources. It’s always said that Trained & Skilled manpower plays a key role in enriching any business. With the aim to train for the purpose of animal management, clean and quality milk production, aware the committee of the rights and duties of members, milk producers Secretary, AI Workers and Union Workers, to bring timely training in various training institutions, Union is always making effort and taking course of action. With the aim to train producers, Co-operative Development Program is being run at Darbhanga and Madhubani district for the purpose of producer rights, duty, milk production cost reduction, benefits of milk cooperation etc training program organized at the village level, which outcomes are interesting results.

The different programs of implementation and have 4% of Li was decided by committees in the General Assembly as a net profit of 325 million 99 thousand dividends and dividend is a result of cooperation of everyone that Union 2012-13 amount have been maintained. Year net profit in 2013-14 is proposed at today's general meeting for distribution approval in the form of 01 crore 42 lakh dividends and dividends. Peers, in this age of competition to set your existence, roadmap by Comfed maintain 2017, under union work area formation of 2640 milk cooperation committee for 10 million liters per day milk collection, installation of 850 artificial insemination center at Samastipur, Darbhanga and Madhubani district, in urban areas 02 million 40 thousand liters of milk marketing, 05 million liters per day capacity dairy plant, target of installation of production of cattle-feed factory 200 Mega Tone per day production of and 30 Mega tone per day capacity Powder Plant. We accepted all these challenges just because of you.

We again heartily welcomed everyone for its efforts to create a successful gathering and hope to get your full cooperation in the successful operation of the Assembly.

Now I'm going to present progress report of various programs conducted in association with you.